PYROX The high-speed HTTP middleware proxy for Python

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Built to meet the scale of today's Cloud deployments on multiple servers - whether they are virtual or bare metal

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Open Source has long inspired us to create projects in the open, to gather public feedback, and to give back to the community

Proven designs

Created by John Hopper whom has consistently launched numerous successful open source projects

Pyrox (anagram for Proxy)

Pyrox's primary purpose is to introduce a new way of writing REST services. Any given service within a service oriented architecture may orchestrate a number of operations. We'll call these operations functions. When services in a SOA are broken out into their individual functions, it is easy to find operations common to all services. Many of these common operations include things such as authentication, message enhancement, filtering and rejection, error handing, message tracking and even metric reporting.

Each of these functions should be a discrete component, deployable on its own and managed separate of other service functions. Each function should also be able to scale to demand own its own as well as intelligently route to the next function without the need for an external system. Lastly, each of these functions must be perform fast enough to allow for functions deployed on separate logical or physical machines to be chained together efficiently to form complete service pipelines.

Pyrox intends to solve this problem by taking cluster management and service ideas from several production ready systems such as Nginx, HAProxy, NodeJS, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Repose and Cassandra.

Example OpenStack Keystone filter - or - Show me more code!

John Hopper - Team Lead

John Hopper has been the creator and lead developer on several open source projects such as: Repose, Atom Hopper, and Project Meniscus

Steven Gonzales - Developer

Steven Gonzales is a core developer on Project Meniscus and recently created and maintains PyWebHDFS.

Chad Lung - Developer

Chad Lung is a core developer on Project Meniscus as well as a prior lead developer on AtomHopper.